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Words of Jigme Phuntsok

Memorial Dharma Translation House (MDTH) is working towards the translation and distribution of the four volumes of collected works written by the late H.H. Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok from Tibetan into English.

With the spread of Buddha Dharma most notably in the West and ever increasing numbers of people with the sincere motivation to practice and study the Buddha Dharma in earnest; we recognise that in order to benefit as many beings as possible and to provide extensive benefits to a great number of beings in general, that there is an urgent need to make Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok’s writings and teachings accessible to a worldwide readership.

Today, it is commonly agreed amongst translators of Tibetan texts that the English language is the lingua franca for translation. English is the most commonly used language worldwide and so it has the potential to reach a greater number of people across the globe.

For the many people who never had the opportunity to see Khenpo in person or to receive his teachings directly while he was alive, and for those with an emerging interest in Tibetan Buddhism, the Memorial Dharma Translation House (MDTH) was established in 2016 to make Jigme Phuntsok’s teachings accessible to everyone.

Works Include

The application of pith instructions on Vidhyadharas; Samayas of the pith instructions of Great Terton Longchenpa

An introduction to the essence, nature, and capacity (Ngo bo rang bzhin thugs rje) of the pith instructions of Guru Rinpoche

An exposition on Nanam Dorje Dudjom’s instructions on the three yogas

The treasure scripture of Terton Guru Chökyi Wangchuk, on the heart essence of pith instructions on Ati Yogi

A detailed exposition on the Pearl Garland Tantra of the 17 Great Perfection tantras, which the Chosje acquired from the sacred treasure of Samy Chimpu

An exposition of the commentary on the treasure of Ju Mipham

A condensed version of the instructions of Longchen Gyalpo and Jamgon Mipham

An exposition on complex points in the doctrine of Great Perfection

An exposition of the commentary on Ju Mipham’s Heart- Pointing Instructions

An exposition on the Wheel of Time (Kalachakra)


Don’t lose your own path, don’t distrub the minds of others

– jigme phuntsok