Precious Teachings

H.H. Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok

Founder of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy


H.H. Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok (1933-2004) was an incarnation of Tertön Sogyal Lerab Lingpa and an emanation of Mipham Rinpoche. He is the founder of the Centre for the Five Traditional Sciences and Higher Buddhist Studies near Serthar known as Larung Gar and is revered as a one of the great Dzogchen masters of modern times. His writings and teachings are very well-known mostly in China and Tibet.

However in the West, even though Khenpo visited many Buddhist centres in Europe and North America in the early 1990’s, Jigme Phuntsok’s direct teachings are not as widely known as they could be to most lay Buddhist practitioners or even to those with a general interest in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice. This is in part because Khenpo’s four volumes of writings are accessible only in the original Tibetan and more recently in Chinese translations.


To make Jigme Phuntsok’s writings available to a larger worldwide audience.


Benefit as many beings as possible and  provide benefits to a great number of beings.


All translations will be available online for anyone to download and read free of charge.


In remembrance of HHJP’s immeasurable kindness and precious teachings.


The translation will be based on joint methods of translation – literal and meaning.


We invite you to to take part in supporting the project with contributions of any kind.


The project relies on volunteers, advisors and translators working together in both Tibetan and English.

Venerable Chagkhung Lama Tsewang

Founding Director, MDTH

Ven Chakung Lama Tsewang was born in 1980 in Serta, eastern Tibet. He is a qualified Tibetan meditation teacher and retreat master. Lama Tsewang received his early Buddhist education from his uncle H.H. Jigme Phuntsok and became a monk at the age of eight where he studied Buddhist philosophy, Sutra, and Tantra at Serta Larung Buddhist University in Larung until his uncle passed away in 2004. At Larung, Lama Tsewang was appointed by H.H Jigme Phuntsok as the vice president for the environment where he facilitated various environmental awareness projects in the region. He engaged in social service activities with villagers at Larung through the teaching about, and conservation of the environment. After 2004, Lama Tsewang continued studying in India and on retreat in holy places throughout the Himalayas including Bhutan, Sikkim, and Nepal.

In 2016, Lama Tsewang founded the Memorial Translation House, established for the purpose of translating the collected works of H.H Jigme Phuntsok. Most recently in 2018, he founded the Tsewang Foundation, initiated with the sole purpose of serving the well-being of society through various projects that aim to promote awareness of the environment and meditative practice. Lama Tsewang currently lives in Melbourne, Australia where he is dedicated to teaching various levels of meditation to suit the needs of all people. He is an avid reader, fond of solitary retreat, and a passionate advocate for the protection and preservation of the environment and animal welfare.

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Advisor, Khyentse Foundation

Dr Grace Eden

Operations Director, MDTH

Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche

Advisor, Larung Institute

Chan Guat Ting

Treasurer, MDTH

Alak Zenkar Rinpoche


Lobsang Gaden

Tibetan Secretary, MDTH


Don’t lose your own path, don’t disturb the minds of others

- jigme phuntsok